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5 Reasons a Nurse Should be Writing Your Healthcare Content

1. Nurses Are Trustworthy-- For the 20th straight year, nurses lead Gallup's annual ranking of professions for having high honesty and ethics. [1] This is especially important in this day and age when trust is hard to come by.

Why hire a nurse to write

2. Nurses Are Knowledgeable- Nurses have spent years learning about the intricate make up of the human body and how all the parts work together as a whole. Every year nurses take part in continuing education to stay on top of the newest developments in their field.

3. Nurses Have Hands-On Experience – They haven’t just read the book but nurses have held the hands of their patients as they received a new diagnosis, assisted and performed various procedures, and they have looked patients eye to eye as they teach them how to care for themselves or a loved one. They haven’t just read about healthcare but have lived it!

4. Nurse Authored Content Elevates SEO- Ever heard of Google Medic? That’s the name of the Google algorithm that was put in place in late 2018. In an attempt to increase authority and expertise in their search results, Google prioritizes health content authored by those with alphabet soup behind their name (RN, MD, PhD, APRN, PharmD, etc). Using licensed healthcare experts to write your content elevates your content in search engines and gives you more exposure to your potential audience.

5. Nurses Are Educators At Their Core- Teaching is an essential part of nursing! Nurses know how to take complicated concepts and break them down into easy to understand chunks of information for patients and consumers.

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