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Alison Baldridge

Alison Baldridge


Founder and CEO of Scripting Health


About Alison

Alison has 20+ years of experience as a healthcare provider and understands how to navigate the healthcare system. With the majority of her career focused in emergency medicine, she has truly seen it all!!   Her ability to communicate complicated medical information in a concise and easily digestible manner is critical in her practice and easily translates to her writing.  Her extensive healthcare and research experience ensures accurate, high quality content and brings credibility and expertise to your brand.  This elevates your search engine optimization and increases your visibility to your audience.


Alison earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) from the University of Central Arkansas in 2005 and her Master’s of Science in Nursing degree (MSNc) from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 2012.  She is a pediatric nurse practitioner at a nationally ranked children’s hospital and a healthcare freelance writer.  Alison is passionate about educating the community on how to better care for themselves and their loved ones.  She specializes in all things pediatrics, health and wellness, and preventive medicine.  In her spare time you can find Alison working in her garden, crafting with her girls, or chauffeuring her son around town!

Alison can assist you in scripting health...making health simple.

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